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Our office is focused on building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals. We understand how uneasy some patients can feel about their dental visits, and we know that we can make a difference by providing a relaxing and positive experience. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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I started going to Dr. Wingo about 1 year ago. My 2 year old is about to go for his first visit to Dr. Wingo. She has been absolutely amazing. I have had a few fillings. She is very efficient and does not waste time when drilling and she does a superb job. She pays attention to detail and makes sure I feel comfortable. She has a great personality and I think my son is going to comfortabe with her too!

Amber Kinslow

Had my first visit with Dr. Wingo today. What a wonderful visit. Staff was great and Dr. Wingo. After not going to the dentist for 3 years for fear of having a bad experience it was refreshing to finally having a great experience. Way to go.

Frank Paulsen

I've been going to this office over 15 years for my dental care. Audrey Wingo bought out Gary Marietti, who was excellent, and has updated the office with the very latest technology. Digital screens are everywhere. The x-rays are done with a digital system and are immediately viewable on a nearby screen for discussion. I recently broke a tooth and had to get a crown. She has a state-of-the-art 3-D printing system that can create a custom porcelain crown in about 25 minutes while you wait. Far easier and neater than the former old-fashioned two-trip system. It is impressive. The result was perfection. As well, she's completely honest. One time I complained about what might've been a cavity. She could've elected to simply fill that crevice but said, "This doesn't speak to me." And of course, there really was no problem. Some dentists are not honest about stuff like this, but she (and Gary) always are. You can fully trust the highly competent Dr. Wingo and know that she has the very latest in technology. If you're computer geek, you'll be fascinated by all the fancy technology, and Dr. Wingo and the staff are proud and glad to show it to you.

James Duncan

Dr. Wingo and staff are very friendly and very efficient. I enjoy having Jody as a hygienist. And recently I had a filling done that took not even ten minutes.

Mitchell Sturtevant

Every staff member I've been with is very knowledgeable and are happy to explain what they're working on in my mouth. Never had a negative experience here, and probably never will.

Devin Shinn

Dr. Wingo and staff are fantastic!

Jillian Ritter

I've been having complicated yet amazing quality dental work being done there for several months now by Doctor Audrey and staff. Very professional but very pleasant, each time.
Even the first injected local anesthetic has been barely noticeable. I don't dread going at all.
Audrey is a caring and pleasant dentist. Highly recommended as you can see.

Logan C.

Do not hesitate to go to Dr. Wingo and her wildly professional and compassionate staff. She did amazing work in a very short amount of time to make my mother smile widely again! Thank you to the entire team!

J. M.

Wonderful dentist and support staff. They take the time to answer your questions, always call you back, and overall take good care of you and your teeth.

Amanda W.

Dr. Wingo is more than just a dentist! This office treats their patients with kindness and care and their level of expertise in their field's supreme! I am grateful for them. I recommend them at the highest level!

Susan W.

Bear dentist I've been to in years! I would highly recommend Dr. Wingo. Although office might seem a little old, she has the newest technology, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and she's kind, east to talk to, and professional.

Pooya H.

I can honestly say I look forward to going to the dentist. It's always nice to see Dr. Wingo and her staff.

Daren B.

Dr. Wingo's office is the best dental office I've ever visited. I've been with Dr. Wingo for a year and a half, and the service is professional, the personnel are super friendly and competent, and the technology is state of the art! If you need a crown, it only takes you one visit! Dr. Wingo and her team use 3-D printing for the crown, and 3-D photography for the impression. Dr. Wingo and her team are excellent!

Abby K.

Simply the best. female doctor rocks! female team amazing, love the local dentist!

Alison S.

I love going to the dentist! Thank you Dr. Wingo & staff for consistently great experiences.

Jillian R.

I can't say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Wingo. She has cared for my family now for 5 years or more and always kind, helpful, and professional. She has fixed broken teeth and emergency problems with no notice. I walked in and she saved a tooth, put temp crowns on, and got me off to my summer vacation with great teeth. I would never go anywhere else in Santa Cruz than her. The teeth cleaning staff too are angels that have kept me flossing and caring for my teeth like I should. They are the best!

Scott I.

What at a great group of caring people all in one office! The hygienist is awesome and Dr. Wingo is very thorough and personable.

Michelle D.

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